5 Best free antivirus for android phones

Written By Wildan Asrori on Thursday, June 27, 2013 | 12:34 PM

To safeguard equipment Android from virus attacks and malware, it is better if you install antivirus specifically for the device Android you. Outside sophistication operating system Android, it turns out that operating system is very vulnerable virus or application evil. estimated 1 million Android equipment has been living with the virus or malware. Many antivirus Android available in Google Play that can help you to eradicate and preventing the virus that had come. If you are confused chooses the application antivirus what deserved to be tested.

The following 5 Best android antivirus app :

1. AVG Antivirus
app android AVG Antivirus

Antivirus application that has been very well-known in this sphere computer operating system also present for Android. This application offers offers a complete including protection of malware, the scanner virus, the device to backup data, task killer, and so on. All of the application is made one of the best for application antivirus Android.

2. Lookout Mobile Security and Antivirus
app android Lookout Mobile Security and Antivirus

One package Android applications for this offers antivirus, and equipment to backup data. This whole process also made so as not to drain your battery too much. This application now is very popular download up to more than 300,000 times.

3. McAfee Antivirus
app android McAfee Antivirus

One of the antivirus who also is known by its computer version, also attended the event to Android with high security is tight. This application offering features anti-thieves, the security when browsing, the security telephone, SMS, and so on. Not to forget this application also provides an easy way to backup and it wants to restore Android data in you.

4. Kaspersky Mobile Security
app android Kaspersky Mobile Security

Protect you from Android spyware, adware, and malware with applications that had become antivirus best v. these machines. This application provides protection directly to spam, application evil, and telephone or SMS which is not required. Mode private this application JavaScript You monitor movement contact and communication. Features anti malingnya able to death, removing data, and find Android you lost from a distance through Google Maps, even these features will continue to work even when it's not SIM card.

5. Eset Mobile Security
app android Eset Mobile Security

Put your human shields in Android you and protect from the attack the virus that come with this application. This application to protect you from the threat Android virus, malware,, etc. when you are browsing or connected Wi-Fi. Features anti-thieves will help you to inactivate Android You and find it if lost or stolen.

It is the application best antivirus android you may be useful if you want to have applications in the official site please download android Google Play Store.

Download 5 Best free antivirus for android phones

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