7 Best Android Application Has Been Banned in Play Store

Written By Wildan Asrori on Friday, June 21, 2013 | 2:31 PM

Google does not restrict users to get the best Android apps favorite from the outside. Even Google does not discriminate based on the content of an application. But the Play Store itself has specific standards for the best Android apps to be on display in the window. Google continues to remove the best Android apps containing malware, but several other applications expelled from the Play Store for no apparent reason. Below you will see the information you 7 Best Android Application Has Been Banned in Play Store:
7 Best Android Application Has Been Banned in Play Store

1. TV Portal
TV portal has a range of Movies and TV Shows available for streaming to your Android device. Google prohibits the possibility of this application as they relate to issues of copyright.

2. Dood’s Music Streamer
This app will play music streamed to your mobile phone, and this is the only application that can stream to you. This application is not as complicated as you think, with the display interface is minimalist and simple, each user must be able to use this application even though countless a new users. You also can save songs for offline play without using internet connection.

3. TubeMate
TubeMate never be one that was on the list of applications on the market Play Store, however, since the Play Store is becoming more mature, I started ejecting any application that allows users to download videos directly from YouTube. Many users who previously downloaded videos from YouTube directly from the application before the application is in the kick out of the Play Store, because with direct download videos from YouTube allows you to watch videos offline on your Android device.

4. Grooveshark
Best Android apps this is the most controversial ban on Play Store at some time ago. Grooveshark has been allowed into the Play Store and then removed a few times for some reason. This is a good option for those of you who are outside the United States. Grooveshark works quite well in many Android devices out there, and is one of the best streaming music app ever.

5. Amazon Appstore
Amazon: the only company that managed to hijack Android and control it according to their will. Amazon Appstore does not always offer substantial advantages over the Play Store. Many Android users who install it partly because Amazon provides a lot of free apps each day for Android users out there. Amazon also provide free songs to its users. That is why this app kicked out the Play Store

6. Ad-Away
It is not hard to figure out why Google does not allow the application of the Play Store. Ad-Away will be a great threat for mobile advertising as an industry and had become popular. Ad-Away is effective enough to block ads from your device. Please note that some applications may not work with Ad-Away, yet easy enough to do the settings so that you can continue to use it.

7. Snex9x
This application is able to provide stunning 3D graphics rendering. And the thing that makes this application in kick is fear that lawsuits would be filed by other game developers.

That he was her 7 Best Android Application Has Been Banned in Play Store, if you are looking for a play store may not find the content, because it was deleted by Google. okay so may be useful.

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