Tips And Tricks So that the battery Mobile phone Android not wasteful

Written By Wildan Asrori on Friday, June 21, 2013 | 2:57 PM

Mobile phone operations using android is very popular are now,Almost all mobile phone market world seized by cellular phone operations using android. But technologically advanced features that mobile phone android has not been in power advised that enough so that in one day to make pengisia batteries 2-3x/day. But because of the massive number features and internet service that continue to actively cause cell phone batteries android thirst for the following us, but have little tips to cell phone batteries android not extravagant or long-lasting.
Tips And Tricks So that the battery Mobile phone Android not wasteful

1. Death Services that Runs On Background
Sometimes applications that we have already closed in fact there are still was not seen, but it is still will erode cell phone batteries you a little bit - in order to a little bit. Because of that you must kill services - services that do not need to, how menu settings, continue to choose application, and finally choose running services tap that want to shut down.

2. Death internet connection
Internet connection that is constantly main factors that cause cell phone android wasteful will your batteries, and therefore turn off your internet connection when it is not used. How to check-in menu settings, and select wireless & network, and removed a tick on the data traffic.

3. Scrub Animation
The advantage of mobile phones android, animation and orientation screen that can automatically to mode, to shift landscape normal position to landscape of it turns out that just need more resistant battery. Because of that you must kill two features, how menu settings, and then select menu soud&display and lost tick off the orientation to change animations to no animations.

4. Reduce Brihtness And Time Out screen
As we know mobile phone android most carry touch-screen, then every time we use it will be sure to touch screen. Thus to mobile phone android you can be more durable battery is good to reduce the rate screen brightness to a minimum level, how menu settings, continue to choose sound&display and select brihtness to a minimum level.

He tips for checkmate battery Mobile phone Android hopefully after you read article this cell phone battery android you can be effective, so much dam may be useful

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