10 Best note app for android

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If you ever find yourself in situations where you need to write a mind or ideas, but only at that time, you do not have a bulpen and paper?. As long as we have smartphone all can be overcome. There are Many applications 'note-taking'. Most have features that it is a good idea to Re-sync your note we and the majority of the application is able to work on multiple platforms.

The following 10 Best note app for android please see below:

1. Evernote

app android Evernote

Evernote is one of the best application recorder used by many. Available in various platform : Web, desktop, ios, Android, and Windows Phone. You can re-sync your note with multiple platforms. Evernote also allows us to include photos and impart to anyone via email or via Facebook.

2. Catch Notes
app android Catch Notes

If you're tired to islamic code to register, try Catch Note. You can check-in using Facebook account or Google. Here we can make a note of voice, photographs and text as usual. You can also give their memories, so that you will not forget or old-fashioned drop something that is very important. Catch Notes also allows you to give 4 digits password to note that are really privacy. And the same as application earlier, it also can run in various platform such as ios and Android.

3. Fetchnotes
app android Fetchnotes

Like hastag (#)? Because you can use the fence or hastag to regulate catatanmu by using Fe tchnotes. Here you can put some hastag in every note that you have created.

4. SomNotes
app android SomNotes

somnotes is the application recorder that user-friendly, where you can make many note while attach a file or documents. Foldernya can be changed to change color and if you want to keep many note, then somnotes offers 100MB storage cloud to it free of charge each account.

5. Spring Pad
app android Spring Pad

Spring Pad is the application recorder and bookmarking/markers. Be able to log on account using Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Google. We are able to adapt note we use tag, different colors, kategor, even her privacy and many more.

6. Any.DO
app android Any.DO

any.do is the application memory note. As a reminder, and in Android you can stick note/to-do list you in the front page. You can define alaram rang once or over and over again. Any.DO allows you to use talk (speak) if you don't want type.

7. Microsoft onenote
app android Microsoft onenote

MO is a member Microsoft Office. With MO you can see Excel, powerpoint slides and a chart, the phone android. To edit files, open apliasi Office Web in ponselmu, then you can change text, make a table, making slides and many other functions.

8. Google keep
app android Google keep

Google keep is the application recorder for display Google is very simple. You only need to enter titles, and note to create a new record. You can also add a picture into the catatanmu and changing color. So far, apliakasi this can only be used for Android alone.

9. Audio Note
app android Audio Note

audionote is application that re-sync your voice record with notations. In other words, note that you type with hands era trim with a time record votes. For example, if you can enter note at the time minutes 2:21, then when you push to view it, and it will be out of voice at the time pas time record is made.

10. Awesome Note
app android Awesome Note

In this Awesome Note, you can make a folder, changing color, an icon and make it privacy in every folder you want. Here you can choose 48 different fonts, adding picture and added that the location map at note.

If you want them to be overwritten has one of the application android on please download directly at the site of official android Google Play Store. so much may be useful for you.

Download 10 Best note app for android

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