Result of the measurement Ie Best for Mobile phone Android

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Have you surf on the internet, feels comfortable with ie that you use? For the user device gadgets or smartphone (smartphone operating system) with Android-based products. gadget, exposing some alternative browser that is suitable to product Android.
Smart phone users also can measure whether they want to change ie character trait with other browser that seem appropriate.
He was testing ie built-in (nature) from Android, ie Mozilla Firefox, Dolphin for Pad, Skyfire Web browser 4.0 and Opera Mobile web browser.
Result of the measurement Ie Best for Mobile phone Android
In fact there are also ie Google exhaust pipe. Unfortunately Google, according to Wallen, in fact, it is great, but because generally cannot be used in Android, so he did not test this browser. Exhaust pipe can only be used for mobile phone Android series 4.0 to the top.
But the criteria that is speed open applications, the speed at which a page, ease of use and display interface (interface). For each of its criteria, Wallen set up the score score advanced average in the respective browser.
As a result, Skyfire Web browser attained the highest 4.0 with the score 4.8.
This browser to the criteria for the score 5-speed open applications, the score 4 at speeds up a page, the score for ease of use and 5 5 in its interface. Overall, probe to give the score 5 so there is average 4.8.
Superiority Skyfire is the availability some features that is very unique, such as integration Facebook and Twitter and setting page (tab) more easily. Skyfire also provides the easiest way to depart from mode mobile to desktop.
But unfortunately congenital Android alias built-in only got the score average 3.8. But probe still praised this browser and called them as ie feature-rich and able to function well. One of which was considered works well is mode incognito (disguise the pages that has been opened).
Unfortunately from "outside" could have different advantages over ie anomalies from smartphone Android you, but not all mobile phones could be "compatible" with ie.

As explained above, you can agree can also refused, and make their own values and decide what is most fun to explore to mobile phone Android.

Result of the measurement ie Android
1. Skyfire Web browser 4.0 (total: 4.8)
2. Mozilla Firefox (total: 4.6)
3. Dolphin for Pad (total: 4.2)
4. Built-in Android ie (total: 3.8)
5. Opera Mobile (total: 3.6)

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