4 Best app chatting for android

Written By Wildan Asrori on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | 7:54 AM

4 Best app chatting for android. Chat application that is as if vying with each other to continue to be the best, various features have invested to complete such chatting. And what Applications chatting are qualified to install on gadget android you, the following is a list applications chatting best for your reference.
4 Best app chatting for android

  1. WhatsApp
    It is undeniable that at the beginning whatsapp presence was expected - be a competitor big weight of fuel (blackberry © messenger) and even some claim as killer application fuel had the surplus was able to. the install shrinking platform such as BB, android, iphone, windows phone etc
    lack whatsapp is using telephone number identity as registration, for the phone number is as a private that not all those who can know. one lack ownership is the application whatsapp was obliged to pay if it has more than a year, but as a whole application is quite useful.
  2. Line
    Application that is on the top was able to consolidate all desire about an application social networks, chatting, and free phone that can install in all platform such as Android, blackberry © and iphone, an application that multi-function that must be you install. Like whats app line also use phone number identity as its users.
  3. WeChat
    WeChat is the means of communication mobile with a complete also function as application social networks. Applications that one is warm - warm, The Excess of wechat Free, cross-platform (can be used in many operating system mobile), and is equipped with complete, wechat is the best way to stay in touch with all the people.
  4. KakaoTalk
    KaKao talk kakaotalk Free Calls & Text - according to his tagline this application offers free phone (with internet network) and sms, is one of the sms application to best android who is also the main competitor whatsapp, and line android. in making a claim that has at least 72juta active users.

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