Tips To recognize Applications Android dangerous

Written By Wildan Asrori on Sunday, June 23, 2013 | 10:42 AM

Whether you are one of the users of the many operating system users Android? If yes, perhaps tips this time are obliged to You know, that is How to identify Android Applications which are dangerous.
It is inevitable that android has many advantages when compared to other OS.
Sometimes without You knowing it, the mobile phone android You can hit by the negative impact due to lack of prudence your own.
Tips To recognize Applications Android dangerous

These are Tips about application Android recognize a dangerous :
1. Try to check or see Reviews/reviews on the Internet.
Before you install applications better if you clay reviews application. Review more than 3 source and see testimonial/comments of the wearer so that the validity applications that are really original and not dangerous. Trivial but it can be very useful for you.

2. Don't forget to check App its permissions
Before installed, the application request for access(its permissions) to hardware and software device,such as contact list, location, connect to the internet, and so on.

3. Don't forget to set up Anti-virus.
Although many people think this way is not effective but not wrong you to test. Complete
your mobile phone with security system, now many developers anti-virus, which produces products free of charge and enough to prevent that his name malware.

4. Download from this site, well-known and reliable.
This moment, this site that provides applications and games Android legal is in Market Android and Google Android Market, before downloaded look reviews and comments from the application.

5. Check Ratings or reputation Applications
On account of intelligent the cyber, they can may inject harmful code into viewstate applications that indigenous peoples with malware and then in
will publish it again. Before you download better if you clay downgraded its rating, more than ratings reflect the application is believed by many orang.jadi, be careful to applications that ratings and its reputation has not yet, and popular although not all applications that berating low risk. But you have to be careful.

Download Tips To recognize Applications Android dangerous

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