Tips been prosecuted Tablet Android Of virus attack

Written By Wildan Asrori on Monday, June 24, 2013 | 11:20 AM

Devices Android both cellular phone and tablet if often used for browsing or receive files from other devices and it will be vulnerable virus (malware). Moreover, users who often get applications or information in the store virtual.
Tips been prosecuted Tablet Android Of virus attack

Below are some tips-tips to devices Android pet It is safe from virus attacks or malware evil:
1. Using standard safety features in Android equipment
Go into the menu > settings, and Select > Location & Security > and enter data such as no PIN and Password to lock in mobile phone. This is useful for securing data to the private cellular phone when lost physically.

2. Don't choose settings Auto Connect to Wi-Fi
Go into the menu > Wireless & Network, and choose > WiFi settings, disable function Auto Connect to Wi-Fi. Especially if you use Internet banking.
Usually Android devices that are often is connected with wifi (especially in a foreign country) is even more prone to be infiltrated hacker (computing) (hacker).
The solution, wifi network usage avoid unencrypted (wifi network that open). But if you are only wifi network open, it is better to use additional applications for security wifi connection such as SSH Tunnel. This application can create a safe connection between devices handset Android you with the server jatingan wifi unencrypted.

3. Install the applications Avoid apart from Android market
In order to avoid the Trojan Android, install only applications that are in Android Market. Recently found Trojan Android from a application service provider third party in China.

4. Be careful when an application to get permission to open access personal data
If the application that installed requested permission to open some data, make sure you do not give a permit access to personal data, such as list contact telephone.

5. Use your application specific security devices Android You
You are suggested to also install security applications for mobile phone. Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android for example, is not only securing password that we have, but also all data transaction mobile banking us.
And finally, it seems tips on as if there is a less if mobile device or tablet inventory less support from the scooter.

It is a few tips that might be useful for the device android you so that will not be affected by malware death.

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