Tips After Buying New Android

Written By Wildan Asrori on Saturday, June 22, 2013 | 1:29 AM

Have you buy mobile phone android? If you buy phone android there are some tips that is you can do to operate smartphone. for certain trick please read as follows.
Tips After Buying New Android

1. Input Gmail account you or my new if it doesn't have.
2. Connect to the internet. When you are asked to log into account Gmail, mobile phones will be automatically ask you to connected to the internet both matters by data packet operator or Wi-Fi.
3. Do to save costs subscription internet, so that it will not be surprised at all of a sudden your voucher is finished. Please check-in to settings > data usage and scrolls to see each consumption data which run in mobile phone.
4. Do a backup and restore data to enter into settings-> backup & Reset and gave them a tick box Back up My Data and Automatic Restore .
5. Protect your mobile phone from the hands of those ignorant to set a screen lock. Please check-in to settings->security->screen lock. You can choose to lock screen with the password, face do unlock, pattern, etc. it depends on OS version that is used. It is recommended for choosing PIN or A Password as a way that most secure so that the contents your mobile phone cannot be seen by all people.
6. Ring tone Set cellular phone with check-in to Music and rotate songs that you like. Then press menu and select 'set as ringtone'
7. Activate the functions call is important as a 'call waiting', 'call barring', 'call forwarding', 'voice mail' and so on.
8. Do imports contact friends Facebook you. Please download Facebook account from Play Store and log on as usual and follow the steps he asked to synchronize data contact. You can also enable synchronization contact cellular phone with Facebook through menu settings-> Accounts & Sync->Facebook and gave them tick off a "Sync Contact
So, he was a few tips for you if you already have mobile phone android, may be useful

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